Leaving Cert Results Day 2011

This August marks the third set of Leaving Certificate students to attend The Homework Club and we are starting to see a pattern developing in the approach needed to not only survive the trials of the exams but succeed in your dreams.

The Homework Club takes a more holistic approach to study. “We try to develop the skills for life, explain’s Naoisé” Before starting with each student together we assess their strengths, aptitudes and potential to guide the students towards an achievable goal, one they desire and enjoy. “We feel everyone is not only good at something but can use this to do anything, says Naoisé”

We don’t believe in cram learning and unnecessary stress, explains Naoisé. The best analogy I can give you is making an omelette. If you wanted to make an omelette you wouldn’t worry about what goes in to it, you just simply open the fridge and see what’s to hand. We never worry about learning off cookbooks. For everyday meals we simply know from experience what works and may just check a few details like the temperature and cooking time. Study is exactly the same regardless of the subject. If you understand it and can relate to the material in a way there is no need to learn off endless information. You simply need to develop your own skills to remember the important details like the cooking time! The rest will come naturally.

Similarly in this current climate it’s possible that you will get slightly challenging exam papers in June. This has happened for a number of years now and seems to coincide with the increased pressure in the education system. We try to develop coping strategies in our students so they can survive in these situations. To go back to our omelette analogy, you should find yourself in a position in the exams to simply open the fridge in your mind and pull out whatever ingredients you need. Being able to stay calm and focused, work your way out of the situation and relate what you do know to the questions you are being asked. These are not only skills for the Leaving Certificate but for life after. We have seen almost all of our students thrive in the last three years with this very simple outlook.


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Our motto is that "we don't do normal". Everyone who comes to The Homework Club is different and is here for a different reason. It's not important if they are dyslexic, have reduced hearing or simply don't "get-it". This Blog is about creative teaching that suits everyone, all of the time! No one needs to be "special". The work is done in groups, so students avoid stigma and don't feel only they need help!






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