Why The Homework Club is not a “grind” school

So one of the common misconceptions about The Homework Club is that it is just another "grind" school. When I look up the term "grind" in the dictionary it is a word used to describe plodding monotonous routine drudgery associated with swats and nerds. It can also be seen as something that literally grinds  and swashes you down.

I have to ask why you would use such a term to describe situation that is suppose to offer help and support to students? Last term I asked the students here to give me key words to describe their experiences at The Homework Club. The words I got back were: helpful, supportive, fun, relaxed, enjoyable, super, colourful, creative and feel more confident.

I was delighted to hear theses words as they are the ones I would aspire to have associated with the project. I think the only thing that "grinds" in The Homework Club are my teeth every time I hear the phrase!


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Our motto is that "we don't do normal". Everyone who comes to The Homework Club is different and is here for a different reason. It's not important if they are dyslexic, have reduced hearing or simply don't "get-it". This Blog is about creative teaching that suits everyone, all of the time! No one needs to be "special". The work is done in groups, so students avoid stigma and don't feel only they need help!






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