Leaving Cert results 2013, A year later – the transformation of The Homework Club to Confidence Club

So it is one year on - our first state exams results since transforming The Homework Club into Confidence Club and I have been asking myself what are the real results? 

In the past I found myself dancing around the real issues with students - as parents and students alike thought they were attending some form of "grind school" we spent more time by stealth in the background getting to the real reasons behind what was going on ... it was often a case of me waiting for an opportunity in the hall to chat casually to a student or waiting for the chance when a parent collected their charge. 

Now it is all a lot more straight forward and upfront - which means less time waiting for the chance to talk about what is really happening. All too often the maths result or other challenge is just a factor in what is really happening in a young persons life. 

This means a year later I can say that we have worked with real people, real problems and in record time. Many of the students I have met have required no more help from me or my team after the initial hour and a half meeting. Their whole lives have improved not just the "maths problem" or the "english essay rows". The time my team have spent in peoples house has been less that we would have needed in the school for greater return. 

All round as what we do is not conventional in anyway it didn't make sense to continue with a conventional school model. I felt often that we had a revolving door as we got results too quickly and now we get them even quicker with a wider spectrum of people. 

Another change for me is that I have often felt that we work with students that everyone else has washed their hands of - now we work with the really outside the box stories that no one has thought of! I truly enjoy the challenge and nothing has ever shocked me. I think there is no way now we can be seen as a simple "grind school". 

I'm looking forward to what this year brings and all the amazing young people I will meet along the way. 

Dr. Naoisé

Expression Developist™


Regional Geography with Flashcards

This lesson is devised by Danielle O' Connor who studied English and Geography in NUI Maynooth. She graduated from Maynooth in 2009. She is currently studying a Higher Diploma in Primary Education. Danielle loves most sports and is a black belt in kickboxing and teaches Boxercise classes. She says "Exercise is a brilliant way to take your mind off your studies. she finds, Children that take part in sports concentrate better in the classroom. It also helps to reduce stress"

The main aim of this lesson is that  Students will focus on two European regions, one core region (The Paris Basin) and one peripheral region (The Mezzogiorno). It can be hard to remember all the facts so Danielle has devised a clever flash card system to help!

Students compare these contrasting regions in terms of:

Physical environment- soil, drainage, relief and climate.

Primary economic processes- farming and fishing.

Secondary economic processes- Multinational companies, high tech companies and communication systems.

Tertiary economic processes- services, education and tourism.

Human processes- population and migration.

As prep you will need to take two contrasting regions and write a series of flash cards for the topics above. Try to pick out all the opposites!


Point of Blog

Our motto is that "we don't do normal". Everyone who comes to The Homework Club is different and is here for a different reason. It's not important if they are dyslexic, have reduced hearing or simply don't "get-it". This Blog is about creative teaching that suits everyone, all of the time! No one needs to be "special". The work is done in groups, so students avoid stigma and don't feel only they need help!






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